TTM VA KICKSTART SYSTEM - FinalI have had the pleasure to work with Amber Albright for the past 22 years both as a friend and as her immediate supervisor from time to time. At present Amber is one of our outstanding customer service representatives. Amber always keep the customer as well as the company in focus when dealing and handling thought issues. Amber has an outstanding personality that shines through no matter how tough the assignment. Amber would be a huge asset to any company that was looking to improve their over all customer satisfaction. Over all she is just an outstanding employee!     –Daryl R.


Working with Amber is truly a pleasure. She is diligent, positive, and highly reliable. Her internal and external customers appreciate the cheerful diligence that Amber brings to her position each and every day.   –Ron C.


Amber is a friendly, personable, detail oriented person who is an asset to any organization. She is a pleasure to have around and she gets the job done. I am honored to have worked with her. She is outgoing and professional but even more she is just a good person. I would highly recommend her in any position she chose to work in.  –Christie H.


To someone fortunate enough to have Amber helping you;

I want to let you know about my experience working with Amber Albright.  I am a Dealer representative in the Dental Industry and I work directly with the dentists and dental support staff.  When opportunities or issues come up, it is important that I react quickly and find solutions for my clients.  I will generally work through a sales representative of a particular company to handle any issues.  Since I have met Amber, several years ago, I have come to rely on her to assist me in keeping the clients happy.  I now email her directly and copy the sales representative so that they know what is happening. 


She is timely in her responses and efficient in helping me work though issues that arise.  I can always count on passing the ball to Amber because I know that it will be taken care of and followed through upon.  She understands how important it is for me to take care of my customer and she works as a partner to that end.  With that reliability, I have confidence that when I need assistance, she will be someone in which I can depend.

Erik Wendel

Goetze Dental Co.